NetworkComms.Net’s functionality is totally customisable for a general selection of network adaptors. Multiple adaptors can be included when listening for incoming connections by specifying IPAddress.Any for the desiredLocalEndPoint parameter, i.e.

Here the port parameter provided is zero which implies a random port should be selected. If a non-zero port number is provided that port will be used across all adaptors. The IP addresses corresponding with these adaptors can be enumerated from  HostInfo.IP.FilteredLocalAddresses().

To listen on a reduced number of adaptors there are several options. The first one is to specify allowed local IP ranges, e.g. if the IP address corresponding with an adaptor matches one of the provided CIDR ranges it will be used:

The second option is to restrict the allowed adaptor names, e.g. to only listen on a wireless adaptor with name “wlan0”:

You can enumerate all known adaptor names using HostInfo.AllLocalAdaptorNames();. The third option is to create a list of desired local endpoints, and then start listening separately for each one: