Connection StartListening T  Method (ConnectionType, T, Boolean)NetworkComms.Net Help
Start listening for incoming connections of the provided ConnectionType. If the desired localEndPoint is not available will throw a CommsSetupShutdownException.

Namespace: NetworkCommsDotNet.Connections
Assembly: NetworkCommsDotNet (in NetworkCommsDotNet.dll) Version: (

public static List<ConnectionListenerBase> StartListening<T>(
	ConnectionType connectionType,
	T desiredLocalEndPoint,
	bool allowDiscoverable = false
where T : EndPoint


Type: NetworkCommsDotNet.Connections ConnectionType
The ConnectionType to start listening for.
Type: T
The desired localEndPoint. For IPEndPoints use IPAddress.Any to listen on all FilteredLocalAddresses  and port 0 to randomly select an available port.
allowDiscoverable (Optional)
Type: OnlineSystem Boolean
Determines if the listeners created will be discoverable if PeerDiscovery is enabled.
Type Parameters


[Missing <typeparam name="T"/> documentation for "M:NetworkCommsDotNet.Connections.Connection.StartListening``1(NetworkCommsDotNet.Connections.ConnectionType,``0,System.Boolean)"]

Return Value

Type: OnlineList ConnectionListenerBase 
A list of all listeners used.
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