NetworkComms AppendGlobalConnectionEstablishHandler Method NetworkComms.Net Help
Add a new connection establish delegate which will be called for every connection once it has been successfully established.

Namespace: NetworkCommsDotNet
Assembly: NetworkCommsDotNet (in NetworkCommsDotNet.dll) Version: (

public static void AppendGlobalConnectionEstablishHandler(
	NetworkComms..::..ConnectionEstablishShutdownDelegate connectionEstablishDelegate,
	bool runSynchronously = false


Type: NetworkCommsDotNet NetworkComms ConnectionEstablishShutdownDelegate
The delegate to call after all connection establishments.
runSynchronously (Optional)
Type: OnlineSystem Boolean
If true this ConnectionEstablishShutdownDelegate will be called synchronously during the connection establish. The connection will not be considered established until the ConnectionEstablishShutdownDelegate has completed.
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