IPTools AttemptBestIPAddressGuess Method NetworkComms.Net Help
Depreciated - . Attempts to guess the best local OnlineIPAddress of this machine for accessing the provided target OnlineIPAddress. using the Windows API, to provided targets. This method is only supported in a Windows environment.

Namespace: NetworkCommsDotNet.Tools
Assembly: NetworkCommsDotNet (in NetworkCommsDotNet.dll) Version: (

[ObsoleteAttribute("Method is depreciated, please use BestLocalEndPoint(IPEndPoint) instead")]
public static IPAddress AttemptBestIPAddressGuess(
	IPAddress targetIPAddress


Type: OnlineSystem.Net IPAddress
The target IP which should be used to determine the best local address. e.g. Either a local network or public IP address.

Return Value

Type: OnlineIPAddress
Local OnlineIPAddress which is best used to contact that provided target.
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