DistributedFileSystem NamespaceNetworkComms.Net Help
An extension that provides high performance torrent style data distribution.

Public classChunkAvailabilityReply
A wrapper used to reply to a ChunkAvailabilityRequest
Public classChunkAvailabilityRequest
Wrapper used for requesting a chunk
Public classChunkFlags
Provides a 256 length bit flag
Public classDFS
Provides functionality to rapidly distribute large files across a cluster of peers.
Public classDFSLinkRequest
A wrapper used when requesting link items
Public classDistributedItem
An item that is distributed using the DFS
Public classItemAssemblyConfig
Provides all the information a new peer requires in order to build the DFS item
Public classKnownPeerEndPoints
A wrapper classed used to inform remote peers of our known peers
Public classLongBitCount
Utility class used to count the number of set bits in a ulong
Public classPeerChunkAvailabilityUpdate
Object passed around peers to keep everyone updated.
Public classPeerInfo
Wrapper class which contains all of the information, for a single peer, for single distributed item. A peer has a single known chunk availability and identifier but multiple possible IPEndPoints.
Public classShuffleList
A utility class used to randomly shuffle a list of type T
Public classSwarmChunkAvailability
Wrapper class which contains all of the information, for all peers, for a single distributed item.

Public structurePositionLength
Wrapper used to segment a DFS item data into chunks

Public enumerationChunkReplyState
Used to classify the different types of ChunkAvailabilityReply in response to a ChunkAvailabilityRequest
Public enumerationDFSLinkMode
The link mode to use
Public enumerationItemBuildMode
Describes where a distributed item should be stored during and after being assembled