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The UDPConnection type exposes the following members.

Public propertyConnectionDefaultSendReceiveOptions
The default SendReceiveOptions used for this connection
(Inherited from Connection.)
Public propertyConnectionInfo
Connection information related to this connection.
(Inherited from Connection.)
Public propertyConnectionUDPOptions
Options associated with this UDPConnection
Public propertyStatic memberDefaultUDPOptions
The default UDPOptions to use where none are otherwise specified.
Public propertyStatic memberIgnoreICMPDestinationUnreachable
By default a UDP datagram sent to an unreachable destination will result in an ICMP Destination Unreachable packet. This can result in a SocketException on the local end. To avoid this behaviour these ICMP packets are ignored by default, i.e. this value is set to true. Setting this value to false could cause new UDP connections to close, possibly unexpectedly.
Public propertySyncRoot
Connection level SyncRoot which can be used to perform multiple thread safe operations on this connection external to NetworkComms.Net
(Inherited from Connection.)
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