PacketHeader PropertiesNetworkComms.Net Help
The PacketHeader type exposes the following members.

Public propertyCheckSumHash
A checksum corresponding to the payload data. If no checksum is set returns null.
Public propertyPacketIdentifier
Optional packet identifier. If no packet identifier is set returns null.
Public propertyPacketSequenceNumber
The sequence number for this packet
Public propertyPacketType
The packet type.
Public propertyRequestedReturnPacketType
The packet type which should be used for any return packet type. If no return packet type is set returns null.
Public propertySourceNetworkIdentifier
The network identifier of the packets source peer. If no source network identifier is set returns null. Also see [!:Connection.ConnectionInfo.NetworkIdentifier].
Public propertyTotalPayloadSize
The total size in bytes of the payload.
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