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The SendReceiveOptions T_DS, T_DP1, T_DP2  type exposes the following members.

Public propertyDataProcessors
Gets the DataProcessors that should be used when sending information. DataProcessors are applied in index order
(Inherited from SendReceiveOptions.)
Public propertyDataSerializer
Gets the DataSerializer that should be used when sending information
(Inherited from SendReceiveOptions.)
Public propertyIncludePacketConstructionTime
If true any packets sent with this SendReceiveOptions will include the packet creation time in the header.
(Inherited from SendReceiveOptions.)
Public propertyOptions
Gets the options that should be passed to the DataSerializer and DataProcessors on object serialization and deserialization
(Inherited from SendReceiveOptions.)
Public propertyReceiveConfirmationRequired
If true any packets sent with this SendReceiveOptions will be forced to trigger a receive confirmation.
(Inherited from SendReceiveOptions.)
Public propertyReceiveHandlePriority
Incoming packets are handled using a flexible QueueItemPriority (Default - QueueItemPriority.Normal). Reserved internal packet types and packets marked with QueueItemPriority.Highest are not enqueued but handled in real time by the thread handling the incoming data. You are free to specify the queue item priority for packet handlers using this SendReceiveOptions by setting this value as desired. CAUTION: Only use QueueItemPriority.Highest sparingly.
(Inherited from SendReceiveOptions.)
Public propertyUseNestedPacket
If true any packets sent with this SendReceiveOptions will be nested which can be used to obscure the actual packet type.
(Inherited from SendReceiveOptions.)
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