SwarmChunkAvailability AddOrUpdateCachedPeerChunkFlags Method NetworkComms.Net Help
Adds or updates a peer to the local availability list. Useful for when a peer informs us of an updated availability.

Namespace: DistributedFileSystem
Assembly: DistributedFileSystem (in DistributedFileSystem.dll) Version: (

public void AddOrUpdateCachedPeerChunkFlags(
	ConnectionInfo connectionInfo,
	ChunkFlags latestChunkFlags,
	bool superPeer = false,
	bool setIPEndPointOnline = true


Type: NetworkCommsDotNet ConnectionInfo
The connectionInfo of the remote peer
Type: DistributedFileSystem ChunkFlags
The new chunk flags
superPeer (Optional)
Type: OnlineSystem Boolean
True if this peer is a superPeer
setIPEndPointOnline (Optional)
Type: OnlineSystem Boolean
Set the relevant IPEndPoint online as a result of updating chunk flags
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