SwarmChunkAvailability UpdatePeerAvailability Method NetworkComms.Net Help
Update the chunk availability by contacting all existing peers. If a cascade depth greater than 1 is provided will also contact each peers peers.

Namespace: DistributedFileSystem
Assembly: DistributedFileSystem (in DistributedFileSystem.dll) Version: (

public void UpdatePeerAvailability(
	string itemCheckSum,
	int cascadeDepth,
	int responseWaitMS = 5000,
	Action<string> buildLog = null


Type: OnlineSystem String
The checksum associated with this item. This will be used when contacting other peers for an update.
Type: OnlineSystem Int32
The depth of the update cascade. 0 - Contact only known peers for an update. 1 - Contact known peers and retrieve their known peers as well. >1 - Not implemented.
responseWaitMS (Optional)
Type: OnlineSystem Int32
The maximum time to wait for the first update reply to be received before continuing.
buildLog (Optional)
Type: OnlineSystem Action OnlineString 
An optional build log that can be updated with the progress of this method.
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